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parma novembre 2011 campo di lavoro prisma noleggi
parma novembre 2011 campo di lavoro prisma noleggi 2
parma novembre 2011 campo di lavoro prisma noleggi 2

Where the work is

2nd November 2011

Moving together with the building site

Infrastructural work is without doubt a nightmare for whoever has to manage the logistics of a building site, especially when it means working with a very long structural layout. Not only do they have to plan the impact of moving large amounts of material as the work progresses through its different stages, they also have to think about work sites and how they can be set up in order to maximise on efficiency and keep costs down. Especially for large building sites, work sites often turn into a kind of mini city which needs to be equipped with all facilities in order to make the lives of the workers easier. From this came the choice of a large Emilia-Romagna based company to review its traditional entrepreneurial policy of purchasing construction site units. It now hires all of the modular buildings it requires in order to set up its own work site. Prisma Noleggi was the only option...

Made to measure

One of the main reasons the company chose to use Prisma was the assistance provided by the Alseno-based rental company during the planning stages of the project. They helped to design a customised work site which was suitable for the requirements of the building site, and then anticipated future requirements during the next stages of the project and implemented any changes when the work schedule involved an increase in the number of workers. By doing this, not only was the company assured fixed costs, but it invested, month by month, only the resources which were really necessary to meet the actual needs of the construction site. They therefore avoided overspending, which would be an unthinkable error at this market stage. Their requests to Prisma's design department were very demanding: they ranged from simple purpose-built units for their staff, to large meeting rooms for holding work and safety briefings, from canteens to shower rooms and of course, normal bathroom facilities. They also needed security guard cabins for the entire complex. A whole range of different solutions, all delivered directly to the building site.