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Excelsior Hotel Gallia in Milan

10th October 2011

Our Units at the Grand Hotel

Not all building sites are the same. There are some that are a lot "more like building sites" than others, because of their technological features, architectural importance or other historic/artistic factors. This was the case when renovating the prestigious Grand Hotel Gallia in Milan, a construction site at the very heart of the Lombardy Metropolis, right next to Milan's renovated Central Station. The new Grand Hotel, which was renovated in accordance with the most up-to-date standards of top-of-the-range hotel businesses, will be ready in time for the opening of the Expo 2015. When all work has been finished, the Grand Hotel will once again (as it did before) welcome prominent members of the international jet set, public figures and showbiz personalities. Considering this objective, the building site was set up by our client together with Bovis who supervised the site's safety, using very high quality standards, taking into account both the construction site's safety and work schedules, and the companies which were authorised to work there. Carrying out the redevelopment and renovation work was the Milanese company Minotti, and the demolitions were done by Armofer from Siziano. However, they chose to hire their prefabricated modular buildings from the Alseno branch of Prisma Noleggi, which followed the supplies arranged by the head sales department in Milan.

A well-established relationship

Having carried out a thorough qualitative selection process of the various suppliers available on the market, they chose to hire Prisma Noleggi's purpose-built prefabricated units for the Gallia building site. This in itself is proof that the Alseno-based company provides a high-quality service. However, our units were not supplied from just one order, further orders were then also made, in line with the requirements of the construction site's progress. Our units were used for supervising and managing site safety, store rooms, bathroom facilities and anything else that the construction site required. Last July saw the delivery of the last three 4.3 x 2.4 metre units, which once they were put up, formed a 4.3x7.2 metre open-spaced room with bathroom facilities included. These three new units brought the number of Prisma modular buildings which were on the building site to more than 20 units, some of which also had two floors (these had a thicker perimeter profile of 30/10). Installation was very simple: the units were placed onto two longitudinal concrete foundations which had previously been laid using a lorry equipped with a front-mounted crane. The whole installation process, including wiring up internal connections, positioning corner flashings and finalising any other finishing touches, was completed in just one morning; the whole set-up of all three units. There was just one problem: the traffic in Milan...

Quality without compromise

The prefabricated units on the Gallia building site were supplied by Prisma to the company Minotti, following the specific requirements of the company itself. The technical support department of the Alenso-based company provided a preliminary plan for the various supplies, in order to be able to streamline costs and rental times. Considering the technical details of the products, all units came with a completely galvanised base, a 15/10 thick perimeter profile and a 60x30 mm tubular framework (2 mm thick). The walls of the modular buildings which were supplied to Minotti, consisted of 5 cm sandwich panels; pre-coated galvanised sheets which encased a layer of fire-retardant polyurethane foam insulation. The roof, which included a gutter for rainwater, had a 15/10 galvanised profile and infill panels, the same as those used on the perimeter walls.

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