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Serving energy

20th October 2011

Energy: at the heart of development

Managers within the energy field are probably some of the most demanding customers that a supplier can find on the market; when choosing who to work with, their demands are so high because when you construct and manage a power plant, you have to respect extremely high safety and quality standards. Such standards are difficult to find on ordinary building sites. Iren Energia, part of the IREN Group which works in the fields of electric power and thermal energy which can be used for local heating, also applied these selection criteria when they were looking for the supplies they would need during the works carried out when repowering the Second Thermoelectric Generating Set of the power station in Moncalieri, increasing its capacity from 141 MW to 390 MW. The new plant, converted from a thermal power station to a combined cycle power plant (a gas turbine linked together with a steam turbine), will generate electricity and heat which will supply the district heating network of Turin. Combining heat and power in this way will produce a yield of up to 90%, a lot higher than the Italian national average of 45% from thermoelectric power stations. Prisma Noleggi units were chosen to house the managerial offices of the building site.  

The mind-set of a building site

The best standards of quality, complete safety and punctuality with arranged supply dates; this was imperatively requested by Iren to Prisma Noleggi for the supply of over 600 m² of prefabricated purpose-built modular buildings to be used as on site operational offices at the Moncalieri power station. Meeting rooms, operational offices, changing rooms and bathroom facilities: all on two floors. Prisma, as requested by the customer, didn't just plan out the organisation of these supplies, they also designed a special steel support facility for the second floor of the construction site centre; this design also included external safety stairways made of steel, as well as, of course, air-conditioning systems (summer and winter) in all buildings.

Special features, on two floors

Iren wanted a solution (which was designed and built on the building site by Prisma) which involved the construction of an external support facility, specifically designed for their building site. However, Prisma also rents out stackable prefabricated purpose-built units; they are called M9000 units and differ from our standard model due to a series of features which make them more functional and versatile: first of all, they can be stacked up to three levels and arranged in a practically unlimited number of ways. What's more, walls, doors and windows can be arranged in various ways according to your needs and lastly, they are very easy to put up. The main difference they have with our standard one-storey rental units is found within the load-bearing structure of the corner pillars. The pillars of the M9000 unit have a 40/10 thick galvanised profile, which is capable of carrying the weight of the stacked modules in complete safety. As they are free-standing, our units can be assembled on the building site quickly and easily using a van equipped with a front-mounted crane.

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