Modular Buildings for Events

Prisma Noleggi could be the perfect partner if you need to hire temporary facilities for sports events and celebrations which require extra premises for supervisory and managerial members of staff. Such initiatives need to be set up at an incomparable speed, and require efficiency and high profile typological versatility and assistance, not just during set up, but throughout the whole rental period and when you have finished using the product (fast dismantling). Prisma Noleggi's planning department can guarantee you the best typological solution depending on the quantitative and qualitative features of the products you have requested, and where the modular buildings will have to be set up. Our prefabricated units can be assembled in an unlimited number of different layouts and are delivered ready to be installed.

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Custom-made solutions

You can also hire our modular buildings together with an extensive range of internal accessories, such as air-conditioning systems, convector heaters, all types of bathroom facilities and a complete range of furnishings and equipment.

Monoblocchi prefabbricati per gli eventi. Festa della repubblica
monoblocchi da noleggiare per evnti pubblici e privati

It could be a concert, an event in a city square or an army parade; any public event which attracts large numbers of people will present its Organisers with logistical and managerial problems which can also prove to be very complicated. However, hiring Prisma Noleggi prefabricated purpose-built units allows you to solve them in a simple, flexible and quick manner without huge expenses, and thanks to solutions which have been custom-designed by our planners. We provide units which can be used as offices by the organisers, surveillance booths for security staff and storage rooms for any equipment needed for the event. You can also hire piped or netted metal fencing to quickly seal off large areas from traffic or to prevent visitors from entering certain areas.

monoblocchi prefabbricati per eventi come i concerti

Whether it's for concerts, trade fairs, political gatherings or sporting events, all events which need their support facilities to be set up quickly could discover Prisma Noleggi, with their range of prefabricated units, to be a valuable and efficient business partner. The compositional versatility of our modular buildings allows you to set up all kinds of facilities, even very complex and multi-storey structures, in short periods of time. You can create logistics centres, control rooms, supervisory and managerial facilities, as well as facilities for security guards and night-time surveillance. Every solution, whether it be a single modular building or large structure consisting of hundreds of prefabricated units, is developed in order to guarantee maximum safety when in use, and perfect living conditions at unparalleled prices when compared with alternative traditional solutions. We guarantee the success of your initiatives.

monoblocchi da noleggiare di prisma noleggi per ogni tipo di servizio

Hiring Prisma Noleggi prefabricated units can be useful for all temporary housing needs which may arise for any type of business, both within the services sector and Public Administrations. The option of hiring these facilities can be highly advantageous for Educational institutions which need temporary canteens or changing rooms for sports fields or gyms, public and private surveillance departments which need security guard booths for their depots or warehouses, and Municipal-run Companies who need to install surveillance booths for car parks and changing rooms for crew members or mechanics. The list could potentially go on forever, and the same goes for the many advantages of renting: no large investments, no maintenance costs, and you won't have to find somewhere to store your modular buildings once you have finished using them.

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