Modular Buildings for constraction sites

Nowadays, managing a construction site requires construction companies and general contractors to pay particularly close attention to operating costs and to be flexible like never before; this all needs to be done without compromising the quality of the materials and that of the technological solutions being implemented. In order to meet these requirements, Prisma Noleggi offers purpose-built prefabricated units for hire. Its services involve fixed costs, they require no initial capital investments and they guarantee maximum flexibility of use. Prisma's prefabricated buildings for use on construction sites (for buildings and infrastructures) require no foundations and can easily and quickly be connected to gas, water and electricity supplies. Our products can be put to a practically infinite range of uses: from offices to changing rooms, canteens, dormitories, fully-equipped work sites and on-site sales offices for property developments.

Prisma noleggia moduli prefabbricati per il cantiere

Assembled according to your needs

Prisma Noleggi's solutions are "made to measure": our technical department designs ad hoc solutions for every construction site, as well as being able to provide stackable, prefabricated modular buildings to create 2 or 3 floors..

prisma noleggi campi di lavoro

Using temporary work sites on construction sites has always been a critical factor for companies when carrying out an economic evaluation of a contract; such criticality is even higher when these sites are necessary for the construction of roads or railways, and therefore have to "follow" the construction site as it progresses along the layout of the structure. Safety, the quality of the space, efficiency and of course affordability are key factors to bear in mind; Prisma Noleggi's range of prefabricated modular buildings cover all of these factors, allowing you to set up a site extremely quickly, with fixed costs and almost complete compositional flexibility. Whether you need planning offices or housing for your workers, bathroom facilities, meeting rooms or changing rooms, with our modular buildings you'll be able to find just the right solution for any of these functions. What's more, this all comes with one additional advantage when compared with traditional solutions: flexibility.  

prisma noleggi ristrutturazione hotel excelsior milano

The construction site of the Excelsior Hotel Gallia in Milan was located in the very heart of the Lombardy metropolis, right next to Milan's Central Station. The construction site was set up by our client together with Bovis Lend Lease who supervised the site's safety using very high quality standards, taking into account both the construction site's safety and work schedules, and the companies which were authorised to work there. Having carried out a thorough qualitative selection process of the various suppliers available on the market, they chose to hire purpose-built prefabricated units from Prisma Noleggi for the Gallia building site. This in itself is proof that we are able to guarantee our customers high quality rental services.

prisma noleggi per le infrastruttura, metropolitana c roma

Digging beneath the city of Rome has never been a simple task considering the amount of history the Italian Capital is so famous for; discretion is therefore the most important concern for every company working on the construction sites for the new line C of the metro system. For this reason, building sites above ground have been kept to a minimum and they must be extremely flexible to manage. This is why the Trevi Group decided to hire a Prisma purpose-built unit for their building site which is located extremely close to the Coliseum; on behalf of the general contractor Metro C s.c.p.a, they are working on the reinforcement of section T3 of the line which goes from Via dei Fori Imperiali to Via Ipponio. The modular building is being used as an office and a logistics base and considering the prestigious, touristic location of the site, it had to be perfect in every detail.

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