Modular Buildings for Industry

Prisma Noleggi pays close attention to all operational aspects of industry requirements; the high quality of our rental modular buildings and a distribution network which allows us to serve industrial sites all over Italy, are the strengths of our rental service within the field of industry. We can provide you with the best temporary purpose-built modular building solutions for canteens, operational offices, bathroom facilities, receptions, and storage rooms when you need to put extensions on or renovate offices, factories or production plants. Even when large production plants are temporarily unfit for use and require immediate attention, we can supply you with a product which can be assembled to provide the whole of the company's work force with a comfortable work environment, including bathroom facilities, which can also be equipped for disabled people. We can also provide effective solutions for security guard cabins in squares, depots or car parks.

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Internal accessories for all your needs

You can hire our modular buildings together with an extensive range of internal accessories, such as air-conditioning systems, convector heaters, all types of bathroom facilities and a complete range of furnishings and equipment.

monoblocchi per l'industria a noleggio prisma

Every industry at some point in its working life will have to tackle the challenge of reorganisation and restructuring in order to be able expand or modernise its work areas in order to increase its competitivity. Prisma Noleggi's prefabricated rental solutions allow you to take these necessary steps without stopping or slowing down productivity: offices, canteens, changing rooms, cabins and dormitories can be temporarily housed within our prefabricated units, allowing you to quickly and efficiently carry out the restructuring of your company without risking the safety of your employees. What's more, by hiring you will be able to establish fixed costs within the company budget, without having to worry about any additional issues regarding maintenance or the sale of your modular buildings and used furniture or equipment once you have finished using them.

monoblocchi prefabbricati per la centrale iren di torino

Building a power station has never been easy, even when you have a great deal of experience in the matter, as is the case with Iren; you have to maintain extremely high levels of quality and safety measures, so it is necessary to expect the very best from your suppliers. This is what Iren did when they were choosing which supplier to hire their prefabricated modular buildings from when they needed to set up operational offices to support the construction site for the methane power station in Turin. Prisma Noleggi was chosen for the job, leading to the installation of two lots, covering a total work area of over 600 square metres on two floors. Inside there were meeting rooms, operational offices, store rooms, bathroom facilities and changing rooms for all the members of the planning department working on this large building site.

monoblocchi prefabbricati prisma noleggi

During complicated and difficult times, like those we are going through at the moment, every investment must be accurately planned, and the flexibility of any production facility must be at its best in order to be able to respond quickly to market demands. That is why our rental service for prefabricated purpose-built modular buildings is perfect to respond to the requirements of all industrial sectors. With our temporary purpose-built solutions, you can increase the amount of space you have for offices and support facilities (canteens, changing rooms and bathroom facilities) without having to lock your money up in definitive investments. Hiring also guarantees that you will pay fixed costs throughout the whole time you are using our products, therefore making it easier to manage your company's budget. Prisma Noleggi units are always supplied perfect in every detail. Whether you need structural components, final fixtures or summer and winter air-conditioning systems, we can offer complete comfort for everyone working on your site.

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