Bespoke designs

Fast, competent and well-prepared: the designers working at Prisma Noleggi's product development department are able to respond to your most demanding performance-related requests; we can provide large-scale work sites, special units for canteens or meeting rooms, multi-storey buildings with free-standing units or which have been integrated into special facilities. We are always able to find the right solution, which will be directly conceived for the purposes of your site. Our assemblers will deliver and install our products on your building site while fully adhering to all current legislations.

monoblocchi prefabbricati progettati su misura da prisma noleggi

Speed, efficiency and punctuality: these are the things that businessmen in both the construction sector and industry ask for; Prisma Noleggi guarantees punctual delivery of their products and fast installation of their rental prefabricated purpose-built units on all building sites throughout Italy; thanks to our efficient logistics office and a large, modern fleet of transport vehicles, we can even get to the most difficult to reach building sites, without delays, fully adhering to the deadlines and procedures agreed upon in the rental contract; our collection service is also just as efficient so our units won't stay on your building site for a day longer than they need to be there.

prisma noleggi trasporto consegna monoblocchi prefabbricati a noleggio

With you on the building site

Prisma Noleggi keeps track of its prefabricated units on your building site throughout the whole rental period; we can step in at any time if you have any problems setting up the units. We can also work together with our clients should they need to implement or alter the planned layout of the modular buildings they ordered at the time they signed the contract, due to changes in their operational requirements; hiring Prisma units means being able to take advantage of an incomparable versatility, both in terms of quantity and in terms of layout combinations and uses of the units on building sites.

prisma noleggi monoblocchi a noleggio per il cantiere

What people say about us

prisma noleggi per con restrutturazione hotel gallia, the most visited Italian portal for building site machines and equipment, has written an article about the prefabricated modular buildings we hired out for the construction site during the renovation of the Hotel Gallia in Milan; the installation of our M9000 stackable units was observed by a photographer and journalist. They were impressed by the simplicity, installation speed and precision of our specialised organisation teams.

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prisma noleggi per

Published in the section "Edilizia e Industria" (Construction and Industry) of the portal, the article focusses on the range of applicative solutions our prefabricated purpose-built modular buildings for hire have to offer for construction companies and various industry sectors., a vertical industry portal dedicated to rental issues in various sectors, focuses its attention on the concept of temporary areas and on the importance of rental services to solve these problems.

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prisma noleggi per la rivista noleggio di tecniche nuove

The biggest Rental magazine in Italy, "Noleggio" published by Tecniche Nuove, dedicated an important article to us, highlighting our standards of quality in terms of service and the products that we hire out. The article was in the "logistica" (logistics) section of the magazine and gave a lot of information about our products which have been purposely designed for the logistical requirements of companies and industries. It also talked about the technological features of our modular buildings.

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